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Dec. 6th, 2014

vampire academy series rose and dimitri


His eyes caught a movement;
Her hair, she'd grown it out.
A simple beauty,
She's not realized just how much she's changed.
The last time he saw her,
Hair short, and in layers,
Gently framed her round face.
No longer did she wear thick black frames,
Now they were thin and clear.
One thing, though, remains the same,
She still hunches over when she writes.
Closing herself to the world around her;
Keeping everyone away.
Long strands of hair wisped around her as she inched closer to her notebook.
"Typing it is assurance. Writing it out, however, gives it more room to grow.
"There's more fluidity."
She'd said once,
With a smile so tender it pulled at my chest.
I didn't know why it had pulled at me,
At least not until I saw her,
Hair mussed and in sleeping clothes.
But a light in her eyes that had never flickered,
Shone so brightly that I saw the caramel in them.
No glasses to cover them,
They were set free.
Not for the world,
But for me.
Clenching my bag, I took a step forward,
Then stopped.
Then took a step again,
And again,
And again,
Until I stood beside her.
Her page was now full as she continued on to the next one.
Her pen was black,
Red gem on the cap as she wrote and wrote.
Her hand tangled in her hair as she continued on.
Then, as she finished,
A soft sigh was let out.
Pen placed on the table,
She closed her journal,
Like always,
Unable to go back and read what she'd felt at that moment.
I hold my breath.
She settles back.
Her ring finger pink from all the writing she'd done.
Her writing bump,
It was still there.
Don't move.
She's sensed you.
My heart,
It beat like a colt's.
As her eyes rise to meet mine,
My heart beat like a stallion's.
She tipped her head in curiosity before slowly rising.
My eyes drank her in,
She's still as small as ever,
But her smile,
It made her grow.
Eyes alight,
Like that last night,
Her soft voice rose,
An illusion,
She is not.
At the sound of her name her arms around me embrace.

Aug. 16th, 2009

vampire academy series rose and dimitri

chapter 4 of story FOREVER

Chapter 4

“ANDROS?!” I said loudly and surprised. “SURPRISE!!” I felt Vera stand behind me, “Whoa, hey Andros, you’re our babysitter?” “Ha Ha, babysitter? No, I’m just gonna accompany two beautiful ladies to the Winter Ball…” Andros said with a big smile on his face. “Wait… Why are you already in a tux?” asked Vera surprised. “You’re kidding right? Question is why is neither of you ready?” “What are you talking about Andros, the ball isn’t until 8…” “OH…” Andros said with a look of pity, the snow storm is heading our way so the ball was moved up to 6…” “WHAT??!!!” both Vera and I yelled out questioningly in unison. “Didn’t you get a call from the school?” “Vera and I got home almost an hour ago…” I turned to look at the phone and the little red light was still blinking. “Vera?” “Yeah?” “Did you go through all the messages?” She turned around and saw the light, “Oh My Gosh!”

We ran to the phone and played the machine, Mrs. Gavet began to speak, “Good Afternoon, We are sorry for the inconvenience, but because the snow is headed here, the Junior Winter Ball has been moved up to 6 o’clock this afternoon, and instead of ending at 12 it will end at 10:30 tonight. We are sorry for this, but let’s see this as a lesson… ALWAYS BE PREPARED, Thank you and can’t wait to see you tonight.” “What the hell?!” “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, leave it to Mrs. Gavet to make this into a lesson…” “This isn’t funny Andros! Vera and I aren’t ready yet!” “Relax Lia, it’s just 5, you have an hour to get dressed… but weren’t yall gonna go get your hair done?” “Funny… Janette didn’t make an appointment for us, and the salon was full, there wasn’t gonna be any time for Vera and me to get our hair done.” “Well it doesn’t matter, you’ll be beautiful either way…” Andros said it so sweet, it made me think… “Heh… Well come on Lia, Let’s go get dressed and see what we can do about our hair… We’ll be back Andros make yourself at home…” Vera said with a warm smile.

Vera led me to my room excitedly, “OH MY GOSH LIA, you’re starting to like him aren’t you?!” “Shut up Vera… go get dressed or we’ll be late…” “Heh, okay… but try to give him a chance tonight… see how it goes…” “Go get dressed Vera…” She left smiling and giggling, was I really starting to have feelings for Andros? Or was I just feeling grateful that he came to tell us about the new rescheduling? Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter at this moment, all that matters is me getting ready for the ball, and hopefully everything goes well.

I went into my closet to get the two boxes Aaron and Janette gave us, I pulled out my dress and put it on, but I couldn’t reach the zipper, damn, “Vera?!” “Yeah?!” “Can you come here please?!” “Is everything okay up there?! Do you need help?! I can come up!” “NO! Ummm, its okay Andros, Vera can help me…” I heard Andros laughing, “What’s wrong Lia?” “I can’t reach the zipper in the back… Whoa! You look awesome Vera!” “Heh… thanks… come here… let me see…” “How’d you reach the zipper on your dress Vera?” She laughed quietly and turned to her side, “Oh… that sucks, your zipper is on the side…” “Heh, okay there you go…” “Thanks Vera…” “No problem… Wow Lia…you look like royalty…” “Funny Vera, a look like a glass of wine decorated with jewels…” “Ha Ha, wow Lia…” “Thanks Vera, but you go ahead and finish getting ready…” “Okay… Ummm how are you going to wear your hair?” “I’m gonna just wear it down…” “Oh okay…” “You?” “Same…” “Okay Vera…” She walked out, I put on my shoes and my shawl hung from my neck back, I brushed my hair, my hairline to the side.

Vera knocked on my door and then came in, “You ready?” “I guess…” “You know for not liking parties, I actually think this is fun…” Vera said with a cheerful tone, “Yeah… it’s really fun…” I said with an exaggerated voice, “Heh, come on let’s go…” She led the way into the hallway and went down the stairs, I was still at the top. “You look nice Vera…” “Just nice Andros?” “Uh, well…” “Heh, I’m just playing Andros… wait till you see Lia…” That was Vera, she’s gonna make me spend time with Andros tonight, that’s for sure… “LIA?! What are you waiting for?!” Vera shouted, guess it’s now or never. I headed down the stairs, Andros was turned around looking at pictures on the coffee table, I was at the bottom and Vera nudged him, hard enough that he made a grunting noise, he turned around about to say something but turned to me. “…. WOW… You look amazing…” I couldn’t help but let a smile out, “Thanks Andros…” could I really start to feel something for Andros? Vera cleared her throat and broke Andros’ gaze towards me, “Is everyone ready?” asked Andros. “Yeah, Lia ready?” “Ready as I’ll ever be…” “I promise it’ll be quick, but not painful…” said Andros jokingly.

We grabbed our jackets and headed outside, “Andros! You didn’t?!” I asked pleading, “Ha Ha, I can’t have two beautiful ladies walk to school…” he said with a wink, “So you got a limo for a ride that might only be 8 minutes?!” “Relax Lia…” Vera said coming in front of me. “Okay… fine… but I choose the music!” “DEAL!” said Andros, Vera went inside, and when I was about to go in Andros takes hold of my hand and helps me in. “Okay Lia, pop in your CD…” funny thing is I did bring my CD, I loved Within Temptation, and love the song A Dangerous Mind for some reason.

The ride was calm and excited at the same time, we got to the school in no time. “Okay ladies… time to party…” “Easier said than done…” “Heh, come on Lia, quick and easy…” “And you promise it won’t be painful?” “I promise…” he kissed my cheek when he said that. Vera gave a small giggle, “Okay…” Andros extended his arms and Vera and I walked with our arms intertwined, Vera to Andros’ left, and me to his right.

We walked into the gym, there were white balloons everywhere, white Christmas lights around the whole gym, white rose petals on the gym floor. “It looks amazing…” “Heh, thanks…” “Andros? You helped decorate the gym?” “Well I wasn’t going to, but Janette called me and told me to accompany you and Vera, and I helped decorate the gym, and I know your favorite are white roses… hence the petals…” Vera stared at me surprised, and I felt even more surprised, “Thank you Andros… but…” “I know I know, you don’t like gifts…” he gave me a small smile, “Ummm, well I’m gonna go find Lucia and Alicia…” Vera left us then and there.

“You wanna go dance Lia?” “Ummm…” “It’s okay if you don’t want to…” “Thanks… but sure… lets go…” it wouldn’t hurt to have fun with Andros right? Even though I do hate parties, this actually seemed fun. We were dancing, people everywhere were laughing and having a good time. What’s going on? I felt lightheaded… “Lia?! Are you okay?!” asked Andros worried, “I’m fine…” I kept dancing. ‘Where’s the bracelet?’ was what I heard all of a sudden, but it couldn’t have been Andros, the voice was to clear, Andros had to scream to ask me if I was okay. “Ah!” “LIA?! What’s wrong?!” some people were able to hear Andros and turned to see what was going on, “Ummm, I just have a headache is all…” he led me to where the drinks were. “Are you okay?” “Yeah, I just have a headache, that’s all…” “ANDROS!” some of Andros’ friends called him and came to where we were.

“Hey Andros! Awesome dance!” one of them said to him, “Yeah, thanks!” “So who are you here with?!” “I’m here with Lia!” “Oh cool!” I could feel my head pounding again, ‘I wish she was with me.’ Where were these voices coming from?! “LIA?!” “I’M FINE!” ‘Is she okay?’ ‘What’s wrong with her?’ These voices!! Where are they coming from?! They’re so clear! “Andros I’ll be right back, I just need some air!” “I’ll come with you!” “No it’s okay, you go ahead and stay!” “You sure?!” “Yeah!” I headed outside the gym.

It was freezing cold and windy, it had already started to snow, and I left my jacket inside. Where did those voices come from? AH! This pain is getting worse! I walked to where the light post was across the street. What’s wrong with me?! I can’t stand this pain! I feel weaker, I opened my eyes, I was on the floor, the snow landing on me. My vision was blurring up again, like this morning, only worse. I can’t stay up… I need to lay down. My head! I can’t stand this. I could feel myself blacking out. “Are you okay?” a soft voice asked me, his accent so profound. I could barely open my eyes, all I could see was a pale blur. “Go inside and ask for help.” Said the voice to someone else who was probably there. “You’ll be fine…” he wrapped his arms around me, “My… head…” “It’s okay… help is coming…” he said almost angelically, “I… feel… so…”

vampire academy series rose and dimitri

chapter 3 of story FOREVER

Chapter 3

“LIA! VERA! WAKE UP! ITS 10am” Damn it! It’s Saturday, and the stupid ball is in exactly 10hrs. “Lia, come on, I’m gonna go ahead and take a shower first, you get ready, Janette is gonna drive us to go get our hair done…” “What?! We’re getting our hair done?!” “Yes Lia… Now wake up, I’ll be done real quick…” I turned to look closely at Vera, she had bags under her eyes, “Whoa you okay Vera?” “Huh? Oh yeah, I just couldn’t sleep…” She headed for the bathroom across the hall from my room. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, “Good Morning sleepy head!” “Morning…” “Your dad went out of town for business so it’s just us girls today” “Cool,” I said with a sarcastic voice. “Ummm, Lia?” “Yeah?” “What’s wrong? I mean with us? Did I, or mostly we, Aaron and I do something wrong?” Guess the way I’ve been acting got to them, “No… I’ve just been feeling weird, I mean… I can’t help but try and think back, I don’t know, but everything’s fine…” “You sure? If you want your dad and I can do more things together with you and Vera…” And there it was again, ‘your dad,’ I couldn’t stand when she said that. I was starting to feel mad, “EVERYTHING’S FINE JANETTE!” I screamed, and I wanted to scream some more, but I saw that calling her Janette instead of mom got to her.

“Ummm, Lia…” Vera was at my door, no doubt that she heard me, probably the whole block heard me. “Yeah?” I asked as I turned my face the other way, not wanting to look at Janette’s face, “Bathroom’s ready…” “Yeah… thanks Vera…” She left and headed for her room and closed the door, “I should go take a shower…” I said still not facing her, “Yes… Ummm, how about you drive to the hair salon with Vera, I just remembered I have to run some errands to run… I’ll leave the car keys on the kitchen table…” “How will you run your errands?” “Aaron left with John, so he left his car, you go ahead and take mine…” “Okay…” She got up from my bed and headed out, the messed up thing is that I barely felt sorry for her.

I went into the bathroom and then got into the shower, the water felt warm against my skin. What was wrong with me? Why was I treating Janette and Aaron the way I was? Why is it that I keep angering myself this way? I reached for the soap but something stopped me, this pain in my head, as if someone was stabbing me with something in my head, deeper and deeper. I can’t stand the pain, I opened my eyes, my vision was all blurry. I can’t stand this pain! I feel like I’m going to explode, I let out a scream. “LIA?! ARE YOU OKAY?!” Vera pounding on the door wasn’t helping my head, “LIA?!” I opened my eyes once more, and the pain was gone. “I’m fine Vera…” “ARE YOU SURE?! OPEN THE DOOR!” “I’M FINE!” It became quiet from there.

I finished with my shower and headed into my room, I changed into some sweats and I put a jacket on and headed downstairs, Vera was already sitting by the counter in the kitchen, “You ready Vera?” She looked up at me lost and confused, “Ummm yeah… let’s go…” Did yelling at her like that make her like this? I grabbed the keys and Vera and I got in the car. The salon was about 25min away driving. It was really quiet, “Vera I’m sorry I yelled at you…” “Huh? Oh, don’t worry, I know you haven’t been feeling well, and I won’t hold that against you…” “Then what’s wrong Vera? You seem, I don’t know, in a trance…” “Oh, don’t worry, I just didn’t have enough sleep…” “And why is that?” “I wasn’t tired…” she said it so calm, as if she were still in that trance, just looking forward. “Hey?” She finally turned to me, “Remember… We’re sisters…” I put my hand up, she touched her wrist with mine, “Till the end…” that’s what Vera and I would always say when we needed a reminder.

We arrived at the hair salon, there was only one parking space left. Vera and I got out and went towards the salon, but to our surprise there were at least 10 girls sitting down, waiting. “Vera?” “Yeah?” “Did Janette ever make an appointment?” “Ummm, I don’t know… you wanna go ask?” “Come on, let’s go ask and see…” we got to the cashier, “Excuse me miss?” “Yes? How may I help you?” The receptionist had bags under her eyes, and was clearly annoyed, but who wouldn’t be? The Winter Ball rescheduled so of course many showed up today. “We were wondering if there were any reservations for either Veronica or Delia Athill?” Vera asked with a calm and gentile voice. “One moment please…” “Yes thank you…” She checked what may be the appointment book, “Ummm, I’m sorry, but there is no reservation for Delia or Veronica Athill…” Damn it, “Are you sure miss? What about under Lia or Vera Athill?” It couldn’t be that Janette was just expecting us to show up without an appointment, “No… there is no Lia or Vera Athill in reservation…” she said with a bored and annoyed voice. “You’ve got to be kidding me…” I said annoyed, Vera put her hand on my arm, “Ummm, thank you…” said Vera and led the way out.

“I can’t believe this!” I began saying loudly. “Relax Lia, Janette probably just forgot, that’s all…” there it was again… that anger in me, but it wasn’t like how it was on the other occasions, I still had a sense of calmness in me. “Come on Lia, let’s just go home…” “Yeah… okay let’s go…” the way home was quiet again, Vera reached and put a CD in, it was Unsun, her favorite band, her favorite song especially is Whispers . When we arrived home Aaron’s car wasn’t parked, so Janette wasn’t home yet. Vera and I got out of the car, I almost slipped, there was ice all over the drive through, Vera unlocked the door and went in first. When I came in she was playing a recorded message on the machine, “Hey girls… well I’m stuck here at Rosa’s, the  snow storm just hit us and no one’s sure when we can leave, and the same with Aaron, he’s not sure when he’ll be back either. So sorry, but for the ball tonight yall are on yall own, well almost, I asked someone to accompany you two, hope yall have a great time…” “She sounds better than this morning, she even got someone to babysit us!” “Lia come on, she’s just trying to help us out… and what happened this morning anyway?”

Everything that happened this morning flashed through my head, I looked away and went to sit down on the couch, “I don’t know… I keep having these weird mood swings and when ever Janette calls Aaron ‘your dad’ or when Aaron calls Janette ‘your mom’ it triggers me…” “You need to find a way to control your anger Lia, they’ve done a lot for us…” “I know, you’re right, I need to relax…” Vera gave me a hug, “What about you Vera?” she pulled away slowly, “What do you mean?” “Heh, you’re my sister, I know you, what was the reason for you barely sleeping?” “Ummm…” “Come on Vera…” “Well okay… I couldn’t sleep last night because…” She was interrupted by the doorbell, “Ugh why do people always have to interrupt?!” “Heh, just go answer the door Lia…” “Why should I? It’s probably that damn babysitter Janette got for us…” I got to the door, when I opened it, it was the person I would’ve thought the least of seeing.

Aug. 15th, 2009

vampire academy series rose and dimitri

chapter 2 of story FOREVER

Chapter 2

“TOUR GUIDES?!” Both Alicia and Lucia had asked at the same time during lunch after the meeting Vera and I had with the principle, Mrs. Gavet. “Tour guides for whom exactly?” asked Andros curiously, “For two new students coming in on Monday…” Vera began to explain. “Ooo new students… guys or girls? Or both?” Alicia asked. “Well…” started Vera, “Supposedly two guys from somewhere in Europe…” “EUROPEANS?!” repeated Alicia loudly. Both Lucia and Alicia had big smiles and began to wonder how they looked, whereas Andros rolled his eyes as if in disgust. “Okay, Vera, Lia, yall are going to have to introduce us on Monday!” Vera turned to look at me with a look on her face, as if she felt sorry for them, guess I’ll have to break it to them. “We turned Mrs. Gavet’s offer down…”

Andros had a smile and a relieved look in his eyes, “Really?” “Yeah, after Mrs. Gavet told us who else was going to help out we had to say no…” They all looked confused, “Who is also gonna be a guide?” asked Lucia. Vera answered, “Larissa was also chosen to help the new guys around the school, and we didn’t wanna be around her, so we turned it down…” Lucia and Alicia looked somewhat heartbroken, but I know they wouldn’t want to be around Larissa, even if the ones we’d be guiding would be Europeans. “Do you at least know their names?” Alicia looked hopeful, “Sorry, she didn’t give us any more information…” I answered her.

“Guess we’ll have to wait until Monday to meet them… but wouldn’t it be an awesome birthday if you met two European guys Lia?” Vera gave a small laugh when Alicia had asked me that, Vera’s the only one that knows that I don’t give in to looks or even accents for that matter, it takes more than good looks for me to like anyone. Andros just looked away annoyed, from there the next two periods went by smoothly, before we knew it, it was time to go home.

“So Lia…” I knew where Vera was going with this, “NO Vera…” “But you don’t even know what I’m going to ask.” “Vera… you’re my little sister” “Ugh…” She hated when I called her my little sister, she didn’t consider herself little since we’re ‘twins.’ “You were gonna ask me to go with Andros to the ball …” “Well I wasn’t gonna ask you… I was merely going to suggest that you two go together…” “My answer is NO Vera.” “Oh come on Lia! He even bought you a gift!” “YES, he did, an expensive one at that! You know I don’t like receiving gifts!” “I know… but he treats you so nicely!” “And so do other people, but I’m not gonna go date them…” “Heh, that’s true…”

The rest of the walk home was quiet, when we got home, Janette and Aaron were sitting in the living room smiling at us, “Hey girls…” Vera and I just stared weirdly at them, Janette broke the silence, “We put both of your gifts on your beds…” Great! More gifts, Vera and I headed upstairs. Both Vera and I have our own rooms, once you reach upstairs the first room you see is Vera’s. Her door was wide open, and there on her bed was a red box and a light pink bow, I headed to my room and there on my bed was a box the same size, only this box was the opposite, a light pink box with a wine red bow. Vera walked into my room with a strapless light pink dress with embroidery adorning the front, back, and around the waist and a shawl. I turned to open my box, when I opened it there was also a strapless dress. I pulled it out, it was a red wine color with sparkling embroidery on the front, and a high-low hemline.

I turned to Vera and was unsure of what was going on, we headed downstairs with the dresses, what’s up with people wanting to give gifts all of a sudden?! This is really starting to irritate me. When Vera and I came downstairs Janette and Aaron noticed I was agitated, Vera was more calm, “What is going on?!” Vera put her hand on my arm as if trying to keep me calm. Janette and Aaron looked at each other for a quick second, then Janette stood up, “We received a phone call…” She turned to look at Aaron and with a sigh he also stood up and went beside Janette, “Your friend Alicia called…” DAMN IT ALICIA! “She told us about the Winter Ball being scheduled for tomorrow…” “So? Vera and I aren’t going? You wasted your money on us for nothing…” Vera gave me a nudge, “Well your mom and I bought these dresses a week ago for your birthdays, and we were going to surprise you with a party…” I don’t know why I never liked it when Aaron would say “your mom” or when Janette would say “your dad,” I mean I’m thankful they took us in, but they can never replace our real parents. “Yall know we don’t like parties, so why should we even go tomorrow?” “What Lia is trying to say is, we appreciate the gesture, but we don’t really like to go ‘party.’”

I wasn’t trying to sound like an ungrateful child, I don’t know why I was doing this whole scene. “Ummm, yea… I’m sorry, I, we appreciate it, but we don’t like parties, and yall know that.” “Yes we do Lia, but your dad and I…” There goes that “your dad” crap again, “felt that if you go to the ball then you wouldn’t have to deal with having a birthday party as well…” Damn it, they’re making us deal with at least one stupid occasion. “Can Lia and I talk about this real quick?” Vera pulled me into the kitchen, “Why do we need to talk about it Vera?” “Look Lia, we both don’t like it, but you know they’ll make us do one or the other, and we don’t like attention, so I doubt you’re gonna want Janette and Aaron inviting a whole bunch of people here for us…” She does have a point, neither of us like the attention, we just like to keep to ourselves most of the time. “Ugh I hate this!” I felt agitated again, “What’s wrong with you Lia? You’re never like this?” “I don’t know Vera, I’m just starting to get mad. And what about you? You seem more calmer, now you’re trying to get me to stay calm.” “You know I don’t know either, it’s like I’m care free for some reason…”

Vera and I headed back into the living room to tell them our decision, “Well Lia and I decided that, fine we’ll go to the ball…” “But the dresses are way too fancy for a high school dance.” Janette and Aaron looked at each other when I said that, “Actually Lia… Mrs. Gavet sent letters to every junior, we received one yesterday, since it’s considered a ball, the outfit choice should be a classy one…” “But you said that Alicia called…” “Well Vera, we actually found out both ways, the dresses were already bought, and we thought that you may as well use them.” Vera turned to me with a smile, but I still felt something weird, something was eating me inside, but I don’t know what it was. “Okay girls, the ball is at 8pm tomorrow, we have a lot to do…” when Janette had said that Aaron turned and headed behind the couch, he held two smaller boxes out to Vera and me, “They’re to go match with your dresses…” We took the boxes and opened them, they were heels to go with the dresses, the same color and everything. “Thank you…” I think they were expecting me to say ‘thanks mom, thanks dad,’ but I can’t bring myself to say it. Vera and I headed upstairs into our own rooms and called it a day.

LIA'S DRESS: http://www.sungboutiquela.com/wine-charmuse-evening-gown-pi-493.html?pPIMGID=2
               VERA'S DRESS: http://www.sungboutiquela.com/strapless-hot-pink-chiffon-evening-dress-pi-928.html?pPIMGID=2

Aug. 13th, 2009

vampire academy series rose and dimitri

chapter 1 of story FOREVER

Chapter 1

                “December 18! 3 more days until your birthday, and 4 more days until mine!- Delia?!” “Huh? I’m sorry Vera…” “Lia? Are you okay?” “Ummm yeah, sorry… I just can’t believe it… It’s been 9 years since…. You know….” “Yeah, I know sis…” We both stared into my locker at the picture we took with our parents the day before they disappeared on Christmas Eve, that’s one event we’ll definitely never forget. I had moms hazel eyes and dads light brown hair, Vera had dads aqua blue eyes and moms dark black hair, both of us inherited mom and dad’s pale complexion, which was the only way anyone knew we were even related. “Lia! Vera!” We both looked up and saw our friends coming towards us, “Hey Lia, hey Vera, what are yall up to?” “Hey Luce, Lia and I were just talking about our birthdays…” “Oh yeah! Yall are twins… well fraternal… but different dates right? Lia the 22nd and Vera the 21st…”

Actually it’s the other way around Alicia, Lia’s the 21st and Vera’s the 22nd.” “Oh… sorry…”

“Don’t worry about it… Vera and I still wonder about that too…” Alicia was a new friend, Vera and I met Luce, short for Lucia, our freshman year at Rocori High School, and Alicia during the last summer, when she moved from New York. “So? Are we gonna celebrate this weekend or what?!” Vera and I looked at each other unsure, we didn’t really like parties… at all, even though Vera was a bit more outgoing than me, we still didn’t really like parties. “Come on! Pleeaase! We’ll go out tomorrow, all day, rest Sunday and come back to school Monday for school on your regular birthday Lia…” “I don’t know Alicia…”- “WILL ALL JUNIORS PLEASE REPORT TO THE GYM.”

“CRAP! We’ll talk about this again after the assembly Lia…” With relief, I followed everyone towards the gym. The bleachers began filling up, everyone excited, but that was probably because everyone wanted to get out of going to first period, but I didn’t mind missing class. “LIA!” I looked up and saw Andros, another one of our friends waving at us from the bleachers, we also met him our 9th grade  year.

 “Awww, he saved you a seat Lia.” Even though Alicia just met Andros this year, she seems to think he has a “thing” for me, not that there’s anything wrong with him, his brown-topaz eyes and curly black hair make him really attractive, but to see him as something more is… well awkward. I sat next to him, “Hey Andros.” “Hey Lia…”- “Hey to you too Andros!” “Oh sorry Vera… Luce, Alicia.” Vera sat down to my left and Andros was to my right, Lucia and Alicia sat next to Vera.

“So… ummm… Lia…” I turned to look at Andros and within seconds 3 pairs of eyes turned to look at us curiously, “Yeah?” “Well…ummm, I know your birthdays not until Monday, but here…” He had a small box in his hands, it was neatly wrapped in silver metallic wrapping paper designed with snowflakes and a silver bow on top. “Oh… you didn’t have to get me anything Andros…” “I know… but I wanted to…” The 3 pairs of curios eyes turned into 3 smiles, “Aren’t you going to open it?” “Oh… ummm sure…” I unwrapped it neatly, careful not to rip anything. When I opened the box there was a silver charm bracelet with a heart shaped charm. “…Andros… it’s really nice… but I can’t accept it…” I tried to give it back to him, I didn’t like receiving gifts, especially jewelry as gifts, but before I could give it to him he stretched his arm out and gently pushed it back to me. Andros gave me a sweet smile, “Hmmm, I knew you were going to do this… that’s why I had your initials imprinted on the charm. It doesn’t belong to anyone else but you.” I looked closely at the charm, inscribed were the letters “DA,” I could feel Vera’s hand on my arm, as if telling me to resign. Everyone began to quiet down, before I could say anything else to Andros, he turned with a smile and the principal began to speak.

“Good Morning students!” We all then turned to face her, “Just accept it Lia, you know Andros is as stubborn as you, he’s not going to take it back,” Vera had whispered in my ear, and she was right, he isn’t gonna take it back. I have no choice, “As you all know Winter Break begins the 24th,  next Thursday…” “YEAH!! 

 WHOO!!” everyone screamed with excitement, “Settle down… Now, it’s been said that a snow storm may hit us, so there’s a chance that the Junior Winter Ball may be cancelled…” “OH COME ON!! BOO!!” It amazes me to see how many people actually love these events, getting dressed up for one night when they might never use those clothes again. “QUIET DOWN!” everyone became quiet, “However… everything is paid for, the decorations are here, the DJ is paid for, and we know many of you have already bought your outfits, so the ball will be rescheduled for tomorrow at 8pm in the gym.” “OH MAN!” Everyone began to make a commotion once more. “QUIET! Or should we cancel the ball now?” Everyone became so silent, one could hear a pin drop… in the gym. “You all may go back to class.” Everyone was leaving the gym, “I can’t believe this!” “Calm down Alicia…” “Our dance… er ball is tomorrow! I have my dress but I need to schedule for a hair appointment and…”

“Are you even going with someone Leech? I mean, you need someone to go with to even consider going…” “Go to hell Larissa!” Alicia shouted out. Larissa was the girl everyone loved to hate. She started walking away with a smirk on her face. “Relax Alicia… I mean it’s not like Larissa is going with anyone either…” I said it loud enough that Larissa heard me, definitely striking a nerve. “Are you really trying to go up against me Lia? You, Vera, and Andros still have a chance to hang with me and not with these… losers…” “Back off Larissa…” Andros stood between me and Larissa, “Look Andros I appreciate it, but I can take care of myself…” I couldn’t stand it when people think of me as weak or vulnerable, “See Andros, you don’t need to step in, Lia’s a big girl… Now…. Like I was saying… you three can hang around with me, don’t make me look the other way.” “Go ahead Larissa, just make sure you look where you’re going when you walk the other way.” “You arrogant little b…” “Is everything okay here ladies? Mr. Everard?”

“Why yes! Mrs. Gavet…” “She is so fake,” Alicia whispered to Lucia. “We were just discussing how great it is that the ball wasn’t cancelled after all…” “Hmmm… Go to class… all of you…” “Yes Mrs. Gavet…” before we all left the principle stopped us, “Except for you Ms. Athill… and Ms. Athill…” Everyone else left, Andros, Lucia, and Alicia left with apologetic faces. When they left, Mrs. Gavet turned to face us, “Follow me ladies…” Vera and I began walking behind her. Mrs. Gavet led us into her office and closed the door behind us, “Sit down ladies.” We sat down, but I noticed our files were on her desk, “I went through your files ladies… and noticed you two have gone through so much… and yet you both still manage to maintain perfect 4.0 GPA’s.” Vera and I turned to each other wondering what was going on, “Thank you Mrs. Gavet… but why bring us to your office?” “Because Delia, you and Veronica make perfect candidates…”

Aug. 12th, 2009

vampire academy series rose and dimitri

a story i am working on



Two sisters, fraternal twins... Their parents disappeared when they were 8 years old and haven't seen them since. Now, on their 17th birthday, Delia and her sister Veronica go through weird changes, people have died, and Delia and Veronica meet two new students at Rocori High School... Could they have something to do with the people dying? Can Delia and Veronica overcome their changes before their changes overcome them?


Both my sister and are fraternal twins, we’ve never really had easy lives. Our parents disappeared when we were just 8 years old; we never saw or heard from them again. Our families have never been close for reasons my sister and I never understood, so Veronica and I were always moved to foster homes until we were 14 by a married couple. They had almost adopted only me, but I would and will not leave my sister, Vera and I are real close. I call Veronica Vera, and she calls me Lia, short for Delia. We moved in with the Athill’s into our new home in Cold Spring, Minnesota. Vera and I don’t really have a memory of when we were younger, the only thing we do remember is the panic that struck out neighborhood when everyone found out our parents were missing and that we were completely alone, we don’t even remember where we used to live with our biological parents. Our memory of them becomes fuzzy every now and again, the only thing that keeps their memory alive to us is a picture we took with them dated December 23, 2000, so we had just turned 8. The weird thing is that I was born December 21, 1992 and my sister Veronica was born December 22, 1992, but then again that’s nothing weird… I mean twins can be born a few days separately, right? It’s been 3 years since we moved in with Janette and Aaron Athill, and Vera and I were doing pretty well…

              At least up until December 21st….. That’s when everything started to change…..